February 2011

Under the Weather?

Boo!  We have colds!  February has been a rough month for us.  There's no way to cure a cold, but here are some tips from Becca & Mars on how aromatherapy and essential oils can help you reduce your symptoms: 1. Place either eucalyptus or clove essential oil on a cotton ball.  Place cotton balls on the window sills at night.   These oils clear the respiratory system and ease breathing.

Dynamic Duos!

We’ve combined two of our most popular facial products – Lavender Love Mask & Scrub and Time Revolution Serum - into one wondrous set, available in two sizes. Lavender Love is love for your skin and your senses.  It exfoliates!  It softens! It feels fantastic! It smells amazing!  It makes you feel good!  Hooray for lavender, bergamot and clary sage!