April 2011

Must Stay on Top of Things

Hi everyone - Just wanted to give you a little Becca & Mars update. SHOWS Saturday April 30, find us at Fenton Street Market, an eccletic outdoor market in downtown Silver Spring, MD.  http://www.fentonstreetmarket.com/ Sunday May 1, we'll be at the Highlandtown Wine Festival in Baltimore.  The festival will feature a Homemade Wine Competition, Wine Tastings, a Bocce Tournament, plenty of food and music.

Becca & Mars – Other Influences – Food

This is Steff, and I’m all about the food.  Growing up in a first generation Sicilian (Dad)/Puerto Rican (Mom) home, food was, and still is, a joyous part of my days.   We’re extremely fortunate when food becomes more than just sustenance. I remember being very small and peaking over the table during the holidays that we celebrated, and I remember which holidays they were because of the food.  The cooking took days and the sweet and savory smells would entice us kids away from the television to sample the goings on in the kitchen.  Roasted lamb, artichokes, spring peas, rich, ricotta-laden

Becca & Mars – Other Influences – Music

This week you get a peek inside things that inspire Steff and Erica.  First up, music!  (Note: this is an Erica post, Steff will be up next) I made my first mixed tape when I was 6 years old by holding up a tape recorder to the radio.  Ok, that probably dates me.  The highlights were Andy Gibb and James Taylor.  I spent the next 10 years heavily influenced by pop, except one ‘cool phase’ in 8th grade courtesy of a German exchange student.  When puff metal came into vogue, I was right there, rockin’ it out to Bon Jovi, Europe and Def Leppard.  But then I grew up and things looked