August 2016

Now Available from Becca & Mars - Dead Sea Sponges

Now available from Becca & Mars, all natural 3" to 4" dead sea sponges sourced directly from the sea.Dead Sea Sponge, Becca & Mars  A sea sponge is a simple multicellular living organism that grows on the ocean’s floors all around the world. Sea sponges come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are a luxurious, natural alternative for bathing. Natural sea sponges are hypoallergenic because they are always naturally processed and contain no artificial ingredients, harsh chemicals, or toxins of any kind.

Favorite Summer 2016 Skin Care Products

In the heat of the summer, the sun rays are at their peak which can cause UV damage and skin aging plus the heat and humidity makes you sweat more. All of this can do a number on your skin, so here are my favorites this summer. Sweaty sticky weather means exfoliation and I love the Rolling Face & Body Exfoliator from ilike Organic Skin Care. It's like a facial in a jar. Z34bCRolling-Face-and-Body-Exfoliator I use this on my face, decolletage and back.  I leave it on for a few minutes and then scrub off in a shower.  It makes rough skin smooth and firm and it smells delicious!