Baby Shower Gifts: Taking Care of Mom

Pro Baby Shower tip:  A new mom (especially a 1st timer) loves to get gifts specifically for their baby, but trust me, the poor mom-to-be doing all the work could use a gift too!  So the next time you attend a baby shower and want to spoil one of your friends or family, don't forget to pick mommy up a gift too! 

My philosophy: It’s a pregnancy, not a lobotomy, and women still like massages and self care. Here are a few things that came to mind that would be fun and functional baby shower gifts for mom, not just for baby:


Becca & Mars Energy Bath Salts and Hand Candy Sugar Scrubs Becca & Mars baby shower gifts

Bath: This therapeutic combination of Himalayan Pink Salt, European Sea Salt and Epsom Salt to unwind. Bath salts are believed to draw out toxins from the body, re-mineralize and soften skin (and we've added a little jojoba oil as well).

Scrub: We’ve combined sugar to polish and apricot kernel oil to soften, lavender to calm you, bergamot for a clean, citrus note and clary sage for its herbaceous freshness. This Hand Candy Sugar Scrub cleans and smooth your busy hands, leaving them freshly scented.


Food52's Round Pillar Beeswax Candles Round Beeswax Pillar Candles
Beeswax is all natural, it has a very subtle floral scent that is sure to pass even the most sensitive pregnant nose test. So for the lady that loves burning candles, it’s wise to note the paraffin wax found in most candles is a petroleum derivative, which, you know, you may not want to breathe in constantly while pregnant.




Isa's RestorativeBelly Oil Belly Oil
There is a lot of discomfort associated with your skin stretching out to accommodate a human in a place where there was once no human. Itchiness, tightness, soreness. All natural belly oil keeps skin resilient and pliable. A deeply nourishing blend of oils specially formulated to be used during pregnancy on the belly, breasts and thighs. Flax seed oil is specially protective to skin that is being stretched, by making the skin more malleable. 


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