It's The Week with the Curl

Have you ever heard the childhood rhyme about the Girl with the Curl?  When she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was rotten? That's the way this week has been for Steff and I. We dealt with Hurricane Irene.  It was alright, a little scary.  I was on my own, toughing it out.  Everything went well at my house until about 3:30am when the power went out.  After that, I spent a half-hour or so running extension cords to my neighbor's generator, in the wind and rain, to keep my sump pump going so my basement wouldn't flood.  Here it is, 4 days later and still no power.  I dream of hot showers. Steff, who mostly lucked out, never lost power, but lost patio furniture to a giant limb smashing.  Scary.  Good thing it wasn't the roof, or a car. Meanwhile, we're still open for business!  And we were very excited to see a story printed about us in Baltimore's Urbanite Magazine.  Check it out here! We also have 2 really fun shows in September. The first is Hampdenfest in Baltimore on September 10th. Activities include toilet bowl races and mustache competitions. I mean, come on, you can't beat that. On September 17th, we will be at Frank Zappa Day in Baltimore. Music, food, and bands all day. The event will celebrate the unique legacy of Frank Zappa, both in his creative genius, and in his staunch defense of the First Amendment and freedoms of expression across all art forms, and demonstrate the importance of these ideals to our American democracy. Cheers! Erica


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