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Well, you've heard us talking about spring and that does mean a lot going on for Becca & Mars. Here's the scoop: New Products We've got the Lavender Frankincense Hand Candy, the Orange Ylang Ylang Hand Candy and the Calm Yourself Hand Candy. These can also be packaged together in a 2-Piece, or 3-Piece Set. We have two new bundles, the complete Calm Yourself Set and the complete Sugar and Spice Set. Promotions Don't forget, Mother's Day is coming up.  We're featuring three items at 10% off through the end of April. The complete Calm Yourself Set The 3-Piece Spring Hand Candy Package & The Large Lavender Love Mask and Scrub and Time Revolution Duo. Do you love animals?  Who doesn't, right?  So, now through April 17th, if you buy any Time Revolution or Orange Moon product, we'll donate 30% of proceeds to the SPCA! Basically, if you love your Mom and/or animals, you really need to shop with Becca & Mars. ;)                         Shows Find us April 30th at the Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring, MD that enough yet???  Cheers! Steff & Erica


Isaac Denovan

All the people enjoy spring season very much and there are so many fun loving things which we can do in this beautiful season. This post is also about that and have wonderful things written for people. We all should share our amazing knowledge with other people so they can know about that well.

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