Under the Weather?

Boo!  We have colds!  February has been a rough month for us.  There's no way to cure a cold, but here are some tips from Becca & Mars on how aromatherapy and essential oils can help you reduce your symptoms: 1. Place either eucalyptus or clove essential oil on a cotton ball.  Place cotton balls on the window sills at night.   These oils clear the respiratory system and ease breathing. 2.  Give yourself a facial or temple massage with lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil.  Lavender is anti-bacterial and an immune booster.

  • Steff's choice: Almond oil with lavender and peppermint rubbed into to temples to relax and cure headaches
  • Erica's choice: Mix jojoba oil with lavender and eucalyptus, then do full facial massage to help ease sinus pressure

3. Don't forget steam!!!  Add eucalyptus oil to a hot bath, shower or vaporizer!  Stay well! Steff and Erica


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