Where It All Happens


A peak inside our "studio shed". It's our home away from home (when it's clean). Steff and I work out of a shed in my backyard. But, it's no ordinary shed. The previous owner of the house built it to look like a miniture version of the house. She was an artist and used it as her studio. I also suspect she used it to escape from her teenage daughter. Here's a description of the "shed". It has hard wood floors, a crystal chandelier, crystal sconces on the wall, heating and air conditioning. It could be a guest house if it had plumbing!

The Studio Shed, complete with ghostly Erica reflection! Hope everyone is having a good summer.  Like we said in the last post, August will bring some fun news to share, new Hand Candies, a brand new product and more!  So keep checking back. Cheers!


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