Why Buy Products that Use Essential Oil?

What are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are pure distillations of flowers, herbs, roots or resins.  These oils are often expensive, and they are prized for their potent fragrances as well as their medicinal benefits.  The oils are extracted through steam, cold press, or water distillation.  Essential oils have a broad range of therapeutic uses and can produce some dramatic effects on the body.  They are often used in aromatherapy practice.  Some of the prized effects are: skin and hair softening, skin moisturizing, rash / eczema / psoriasis relief, youthful looking rejuv

Under the Weather?

Boo!  We have colds!  February has been a rough month for us.  There's no way to cure a cold, but here are some tips from Becca & Mars on how aromatherapy and essential oils can help you reduce your symptoms: 1. Place either eucalyptus or clove essential oil on a cotton ball.  Place cotton balls on the window sills at night.   These oils clear the respiratory system and ease breathing.

Dynamic Duos!

We’ve combined two of our most popular facial products – Lavender Love Mask & Scrub and Time Revolution Serum - into one wondrous set, available in two sizes. Lavender Love is love for your skin and your senses.  It exfoliates!  It softens! It feels fantastic! It smells amazing!  It makes you feel good!  Hooray for lavender, bergamot and clary sage!

More Love!

Lavender Love that is!  We're now selling our popular Lavender Love Mask and Scrub in an 8oz size.  Used as a scrub or as a mask, this product will leave your skin soft, smooth and radiant. Cornmeal and almond meal provide gentle exfoliation. Our pure essential oil blend revitalizes the skin and clears the mind. Mix 1 tablespoon powder with 1/2 -1 tablespoon liquid. This will yield enough scrub for a facial and décolleté mask, plus body scrub. Bonus...

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Becca & Mars

Create a romantic Valentine's Day for someone special with new gift sets from Becca & Mars.  How about an evening at the spa in your very own home with the Sugar and Spice 3-Piece Valentine's Day Set. Step 1: Add Sugar and Spice Aromatherapy Blend to a warm bath Step 2:  Scrub with Sugar and Spice Hand Candy (use it all over as a special treat) Step 3:  Find a someone special to give you a relaxing post- bath massage with Sugar and Spice Massage Oil All of these items are available in our 3-Piece Package for only $25.  Toget

Good News!

One of our most popular products, Time Revolution serum, is now available in a 1oz size!  Get even more for your money! This rejuvenating, anti-aging serum works wonders on dry, mature skin.

Hand Candy Set

Soften your hands with Hand Candy Sugar Scrubs!  Our new gift set includes 2 jars of Hand Candy - you pick the scents. Orange: uplifting and cheerful. Lemon Clary Sage: clean and crisp. Lemon Ginger: refreshing and warm. Peppermint Vanilla: playful and sweet. Orange Clove: bright and spicy. In all of our Hand Candies, we combine sugar to polish and apricot kernel oil to soften. This set makes a great gift, or, treat yourself and keep your hands soft all winter long. Cheers! Steff an

Big Sale

We're starting off the year with a bang!  20% off everything at Becca & Mars using Coupon Code NEWYEAR.  Need some pampering in 2011?   Get your Holiday Hand Candies (Peppermint Vanilla and Orange Clove) before they're gone!
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