Time Revolution Serum

Time Revolution Serum


This serum works wonders on dry skin. It’s deeply moisturizing and absorbs into the skin quickly without clogging pores. 

Time Revolution is made from a base of apricot kernel oil, known for its high vitamin A content and skin softening properties. Additionally, it penetrates the skin without leaving an oily feeling. We add in vitamin E and the essential oils of neroli and jasmine. Neroli and jasmine stimulate cellular activity and increase skin’s elasticity. The two oils also combine to make a sweet, but subtle scent – not too overwhelming on the face. 

If you're not using natural oil based moisturizers, you should. Plant oils are easily absorbed into your skin and help fortify the skin's own natural protective barrier. 

No artificial color, fragrance or preservatives are used in this product.

To use: Smooth over face, neck and chest area. Pat gently around eye area.

Serum comes in .5oz bottle with dropper.

Store in a cool, dark place. Do not ingest. Many essential oils are not recommended for use during pregnancy.


Reviewed by on Jul 24, 2018